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Our Services

We provide high-quality, fully integrated services to ensure consumer satisfaction and clients’ success. Please be reassured that your investment is worthwhile, because we have a dedicated team of professionals who are highly skilled with industry knowledge and committed to facilitating any business requirement.

Pre-manufacturing Consultant

For those who have specific product requirements, we have a team of research and development (R&D) specialists who provides initial consultation and feasibility study. They are highly equipped with vital information such as the consumer landscape in major overseas markets, and are fully collaborative to working alongside clients. To help expedite distribution of products and secure market acceptance, we also support customization in three areas including 1) Marketing, 2) Formula and Flavour, and 3) Packaging.

*Clients are required to provide specifications on private labels or product applications such as cooking ingredients, ice cream ingredients or ready-to-mix cocktails.

After Sales

For the distribution process, clients can choose to use the “Product Traceability” service as a tool to improve business operations in terms of safety and risk management. 

Various businesses can take advantage of the traceability such as fighting against counterfeit and parallel markets, as well as being able to conduct prompt investigation into causes of food incidents that may occur. With a strong will and commitment to best serve your business, we are ready to support you in addressing key concerns whenever and however possible. These are, indeed, values we take great pride in as we see ourselves as your long-term business partner.

Operation Hours:

Monday to Saturday
8.00 to 17.00 (Local Time)