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Our Value

Our organic ways at both farms boast transparency and integrity. We uphold fair practices in cooperating with all stakeholders including our living friends; from plants and animals, to other several members in the farms’ ecosystem. We place major significance in the conservation of local wisdoms and traditions such as using highly skilled labour to organically harvest coconuts. We respect the equal rights of our employees and stakeholders, while stringently disapproving discrimination of any kinds whether relating to opinion, race, skin colour, religion, gender or other individual status.

Furthermore, basic human rights is vital in driving forward our ethical values as we respect one another and apply the justified behaviours in the entire operations. We try our best to prevent injustice, discrimination, forceful intimidation and infringement from happening in the farms as we continue to develop our business regulations and continue abiding by the laws.

Implementation of ethical trading initiative and corporate social responsibility also fosters our reputation and increase credibility. All employees are subject to legitimate employment and have been provided with appropriate treatment, skills training and unpolluted environment.

At present, MeritO Food Products Company (MFP) has a proven track record of success as Thailand’s leading certified organic coconut manufacturer and is carrying on a vision to establish fertile biodiversity and self-sufficiency within its homegrown farms. We highly emphasises on integrated agriculture such as planting rice in between the coconut plots and switch to alternative plants after the end of cropping season which help to improve soil quality. Other homegrown vegetables are also cultivated to provide food security for farmers and share with neighbouring communities.


"We commit to ensure the utmost food hygiene and safety for consumers, as well as actively engage in nature conservation to protect sustainability of the environment for the next generations to come."

Our Practice

Apart from food, we have built local connections with the communities and always take care of the personal well-beings of our farmers and communities by helping out any way we can; such as building basic infrastructures such as roads and school libraries, as well as awarding academic scholarships to children.

In terms of organic livestock, we fulfill the basic needs of the animals by feeding organic quality food. The wastes from animal are then mixed with other plant-based wastes to produce fertiliser for the rest of the plantation, creating an eco-lifecycle where all living things benefit from each other. This self-sufficiency will bring about “biodynamic” that can rehabilitate the soil and water. And when these basic substances are abundant with nutrition and the plants consume them, end consumers will be blessed with healthy quality of nature.

Externally, we have established good relationships with farmers’ community to expand our shared values and opportunities. MFP has worked closely with the Green Net Cooperative, a subsidiary of Earth Net Foundation which is a nationwide network of organic farmers, to ensure we source adequate materials for the increased market demand. Green Net acts as a middleman to promote fair trade by linking organic farmers with corporates and providing them the exposure to the industrial market.

We also embrace the zero-waste value and try to maximize our resources through various technical and innovative processes. For instance, leftover coconut shells are used as biomass to fuel steam boiler instead of consuming fossil fuel, while the outstanding amount of other wastes is sold to relevant industries for recycling and upcycling purposes. We also implement clean energy by collecting sunlight for electricity via solar cells. Water used in steaming sterilization and cleaning of machinery is never released outside, but go through a waste water treatment system for purification up to a quality level that can be utilised for aquaculture.