MFP’s coconut plantation is indeed very distinct as the coconut trees grown are of a special breed and the plantation itself is certified by numerous internationally recognized organizations that promote organic agriculture.

Specialty from Special Species

“MAWA” is a unique coconut species that MFP uses as raw materials for its high-quality coconut food and beverage products. It is the cross-hybrid between”Malaysian Red Dwarf” mother and “West African Tall” father. The mother’s gene provides better resistance to climate, disease, and insect in the region; while the father yields higher productivity.


Organic in Every Aspect

The plantation’s strategic location is isolated and surrounded by highlands, which serves as a natural protection from possible chemical contamination. The exclusive location plus the employment of certified organic cultivation methods have awarded MFP’s coconut plantation with certifications from Italy’s renown IFOAM, the United States’ USDA NOP, and Australia’s ACO accredited certifiers. In addition, all MFP’s products have been tested as “GMO-free” by the DNA Technology Laboratory, BIOTEC, Thailand.

MFP’s distinct qualities coupled with its achievements are sure indications of the Company’s commitment to delivering its clients and consumers with quality products that are fresh, wholesome, and “the best ever products from farm to fork.”


During the past years, MFP’s R&D team has contributed tremendously to the food and beverage industry with a myriad of innovative products made from coconut that readily serve different needs, preferences and applications of all target groups.

Based on extensive research and development, MFP is able to bring a wide variety of coconut-based food and beverage products – whether it is coconut milk and cream, coconut juice, coconut fruity drinks or other tropical drinks – to market. Our R&D team is dedicated to providing clients with the necessary means to achieving success, whether it’s conducting market research, providing initial consultation, or developing customized products that will cater to clients’ specific requirements and the market’s demands.

Clients can rest assured that MFP’s R&D team will deliver not only quality, customized products but also products that are of high demand in the market. It is our goal to help our clients achieve their success, not simply because it is our obligation, but because it is our commitment as their partner in business.