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We are the only canned coconut products manufacturer in Thailand with self-owned ORGANIC coconut plantation. Our plantation is the biggest one of its kind ever owned by an individual in the country.

Vision & Mission

Merit Food Products Co., Ltd. (MFP) aims to be Thailand’s premier manufacturer and exporter of full-range coconut products as well as the leading provider of quality food and beverage products that meet both regional and global standards. By combining the sciences of organic agriculture and the technological advancements in manufacturing, MFP is committed to offering its consumers the world over, a safe and healthy array of quality products that are both healthy and flavorable.

Corporate Background

As Thailand’s leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality canned coconut products, MFP possesses an extensive product line that ranges from coconut milk and cream, coconut juice, coconut fruity drinks, coconut extracts, to virgin coconut oil. Its core business involves the manufacturing and export of products under house brands and private labels.

All MFP’s products are made from distinctive home-grown “MAWA” coconuts – a cross-hybrid between the”‘Malaysian Red Dwarf” that provides better resistance to climate, disease, and insect in the region, and the”West African Tall” that yields higher productivity. MAWA coconuts are also known for its aroma and taste.

Currently, the company generates almost 100% of its revenue from export to markets worldwide – including those in Europe, Australasia, the Middle East and the North American regions.


Covering an entire 880-acre (2,200 rai) valley in Chanthaburi – a major province located 230-kilometer north-east of Bangkok, MFP’s organic coconut plantation is one of the biggest of its kind ever owned by an individual in the country. It supplies millions of fresh coconuts each year as raw material for MFP’s production lines.

Apart from the ecological way of growing without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, the plantation’s strategic location also contributes to maintaining its high quality standards as a certified organic coconut farm. Owing to the location of the plantation, which is mostly surrounded by highlands and isolated from other farm areas, the crop itself is relatively safe from chemical contamination and cross-breeding with alien strains of non-organic coconut.

The prime location of MFP’s factory, which is close to the Laem Chabang port in the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Zone in Chonburi province and only 70 kilometers away from the capital of Thailand (Bangkok), facilitates on-time delivery via all transportation modes – water, land, or air – thus, reinforcing MFP’s philosophy to provide products to consumers worldwide “fresh from farm to fork”.

Archievement & Certification

MFP’s coconut plantation is awarded with the industry’s most highly recognized certifications for its compliance to the standards of organic agriculture – including a certification from IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) by Bioagricert in Italy, USDA NOP (U.S. Department of Agricultural, National Organic Program) by International Certification Service in the US, and ACO (Australian Certified Organic) by Australian Certified Organic in Australia.

MFP’s factory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and processing line that operate under stringent supervision to ensure the highest food quality and safety standards. The principles of GMP*, SSOP**, and HACCP*** are strictly adhered to in every step of its operational practice and procedures. In addition, all of MFP’s products have also been tested as”GMO-free” by the DNA Technology Laboratory, BIOTEC, Thailand.

Besides accredited certifications, MFP’s proud achievement lies in the fact that the Company and its products remain the preferred choice for clients and consumers worldwide year after year. At MFP, our clients’ success and consumer satisfaction are the most honest reflection of our own commitment and success.

* GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice

** SSOP = Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure

*** HACCP = Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point